Esta dupla tenta passar novos valores com sua música.

Vivemos um modelo social onde a maioria das canções são apelativas.... resultando num repasse valores culturais errado para as crianças. Surgue estes cantores com novas propostas em suas canções ,letras românticas que fazem o maior sucesso ... o público jovem.. esta ganhando com este modelo de proposta. Parabéns!!! Continuem assim.....

Brazilian music

Duo from Minas is a hit in Brazil

Victor and Leo

have added a touch of class and

creativity to “sertaneja” music,

rejuvenating it with songs and

arrangements influenced by

country, folk and pop-rock

Victor is 33 years old and his brother Leo is 32. They were born in Minas Gerais and began playing together in 1994, in Belo Horizonte. Seven years later they went to São Paulo, where they continued to play in bars and clubs. From 2002 to 2005 they released three CDs – Victor composed most of the songs. However, despite having charisma and talent, Victor and Leo only became well-known in Brazil in 2007, when they were signed by a large label. Recently the duo from Minas released their fourth CD, called “Borboletas”. The musicians from Minas have also been very successful on the internet. On YouTube their videos have been watched by over 20 million people.

A universal sound

Despite their success, Victor and Leo have not managed to please everyone. A lot of people have a kind of prejudice against sertaneja music and think it is cheesy and bland. But it is always good to remember that there are good and bad songs in rock, MPB and many other kinds of music. Victor and Leo are most certainly from the right side of the sertaneja tracks. They have studied music for years and used to listen to talented musicians such as Renato Teixeira, Almir Sater, Alceu Valença and even the band Dire Straits. They write good songs, with good arrangements and have managed to make “sertanejo” a universal sound.

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1 to add - acrescentar

2 label – gravadora

3 to please – agradar

4 prejudice – preconceito

5 cheesy – meloso / brega

6 bland – aqui = “sem sal” / sem criatividade

foto – divulgação